This 5-minute annual survey aims to gain a better understanding on your needs as a part of RMIT Alumni Community. The results will help us to navigate our future activities and projects to improve alumni experience.

All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. To compensate for your time completing a 5-minute survey by 31 Jan 2021, we present you a chance of winning our 5 gift sets, each set will  include:

– 1 RMIT notebook
– 1 RMIT steel straw
– 1 RMIT totebag

The lucky draw result will be announced on 05 Feb 2021 and we will be in touch shortly with winners via email. Should you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at

Annual Survey 2020
Where are you living now? *
Have you updated your information in the past 6 months? *
What is your current paid work situation? *
How much work experience do you have? *
Is it your own company? *
Do you own business besides this job? *
Do you want to provide discounts for RMIT community?
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Are you interested in pursuing further study? *
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Do you have any relatives studied at RMIT? *
Have you had your Alumni card yet? Full list of discount programs with alumni card *
Have you ever engaged with RMIT Vietnam Alumni Team? *
Have you attended any RMIT Vietnam Alumni events in 2020? *
How would you like to give back to the university? (Choose all that apply) *
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