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The JAMLOS x RMIT Creative Artwork Contest 2021

Date: 10/09/2021

Time: Whole day

Location: Online

The JAMLOS x RMIT Creative Artwork Contest 2021 is a design competition open for RMIT alumni and students. So let your creativity tell the story and make a profit from your own artwork!

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The JAMLOS x RMIT Creative Artwork Contest 2021

One thing Jamlos always loves to do is telling stories with inspiring messages to society through their signature bags. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across our beloved cities, in order to help keep up the positive vibe and bring out the creativity in everyone, Jamlos has collaborated with RMIT Alumni to organize the JAMLOS x RMIT Creative Artwork Contest 2021.

Joining the contest, entrants will have the opportunity to become the first one to collaborate with Jamlos and create a limited-edition collection with their own design, along with commission of the collection.

JAMLOS x RMIT Creative Artwork Contest 2021 is an opportunity for RMIT alumni and students to bring their ideas and concepts on Jamlos signature bags and spread their thoughts on street life, work-from-home, minimalism and happy living.

So do not hesitate to join us and let your creativity tell your story!

Why You Should Join:

  • Get recognized by potential employers, especially high profile RMIT alumni in the community
  • Gain new followers and get wider exposure on social media if your work is chosen to be promoted on RMIT Alumni and Jamlos pages 
  • Earn extra income by winning the contest, 5% commission from each item sold will bring some reward for your hard work and directly prove how consumers embrace your brainchild
  • The contest is a an engaging activity that can get your creative juice flowing during distancing time
  • A friendly competition among individuals who have the same passion for art can be a great chance for you to grow and create new connections with other artists


Individuals who are RMIT alumni or current students are welcomed to join the contest regardless of age, gender, occupation and major.

Contest Timeline:  

  • 19/08 – 09/09/2021: Qualifying round  
  • 13/09/2021: Announcing winners  
  • 10/2021: Launching winner’s collection

Categories & Themes:

Please choose your preferred design format and follow one of the provided themes to create your artwork. Entrants can submit up to 03 artworks but each has to follow a different theme.

No.1: Graphic

  • Theme 1: Street Life 
  • Theme 2: Work from Home 

No.2: Typography 

  • Theme 1: Minimalism 
  • Theme 2: Happy Living  

Products for applying artwork:

Please choose one product and download the mock-up file below


A valid submission must include words and artwork done on the provided mock-up file and meet the below criteria. 

  1. Words (30%): Maximum 500 words explaining the topic & ideas presenting on your artwork.  
  2. Artwork (70%): 
  • Submitted file should be in JPG format and be no larger than 5MB
  • No inappropriate content (KEEP IT PG)
  • Keep it Jamlos-Theme related
  • Include the name of the Artwork

Terms & Conditions: 

  • By entering the Contest, each Entrant grants Jamlos, along with its partner, a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, and display submitted images relate directly to the contest in all media channels throughout the world in perpetuity. This includes but not limited to adaptations in the context of the Jamlos website and social media sites, the exhibition of winning designs at Jamlos, and all promotional and marketing materials of the Competition and Exhibition.
  • Commercial opportunities may exist for awarded Entrant to benefit from the use of their designs, such as print sales or merchandise. Where such circumstances arise, permissions will be sought in advance and terms and conditions will be agreed upon with the Entrant. 
  • By submitting their artwork, Entrant represents that the content of their artwork does not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.  


Winner / 1st prize: 01 artwork  

  • 50 Jamlos products printed with their artwork submission
  • 5% commission from the sales compensated after each month
  • Free 03 products printed with their artwork (out of 50 limited products for sale)  
  • RMIT teddy bear with a secret merchandise  

Runner-up / 2nd prize: 01 artwork  

  • 02 free products printed with their artwork submission
  • RMIT teddy bear 

Extra prizes: 03 artworks  

  • 1 free product printed with their artwork submission
  • RMIT teddy bear 


  • Show your full development process will increase the odds of winning. 
  • Be sure to check the Guideline for your references, including size, platform application. 
  • Try your best!


About Jamlos 

Jamlos is a local brand founded in Saigon – Vietnam in March 2014 with a concept of combining canvas material and minimalism. Jamlos has been getting to every little corner of needs, varied designs in different sizes, but maximize the usage purposes. Through 7 years of foundation and growth, they have created almost 80 designs in 20 colors, which are 200 products in 4 main categories: backpacks, cross-body bags, tote bags and accessories. 

Find more info about Jamlos via www.jamlos.com