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A2A Circle #4

Date: 27/05/2021

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Location: Online via Teams;

A2A Circle (Alumni to Alumni Circle) is a monthly catchup for RMIT and Australian alumni who are senior leaders in diverse industries.


Most entrepreneurs understand that raising capital is an essence of business and they cannot escape it. Recently Vingroup, is considering an initial public offering (IPO) for its automobile subsidiary VinFast in the U.S. Facing an instant attention from the public, they announced an expectation to raise around 2 billion USD to foster the business expansion. There are plenty of start-ups in Vietnam that still remarkably find their way to soar by raising capital through angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds or tapping the debt or equity capital markets in Vietnam and overseas. This is great illustration of how financial intelligence can empower entrepreneurs to expand and capture many more business opportunities. 

So before spending more time in discussions with your banks to increase credit limits or to get more bank loans for your business, come and join us in the next A2A Circle (Alumni to Alumni Circle) in May? The discussion will enable you to bring home some applicable ideas for your business, and how to effectively raise capital with alternative resources. Who knows, your company may be next to launch public bonds or public initial equity offerings on HOSE, or HNX! Let’s ask experts directly on the stage and the take-ways will surprisingly help you see how opportunity isn’t far from reach.

  1. Apart from banking loans, what is the suggested financial approach for my company? 
  2. How do I know my company is eligible for debt capital (bonds) or private equity capital or Public IPOs 
  3. What are essential factors that make an IPO become an option for corporations to raise capital?  
  4. What is the process to IPO on the market? How long does it take?  
  5. Address the myth: Is an IPO the only “play game” for large companies 

This topic will be discussed in Vietnamese

3 reasons why you should join A2A Circle #4 

  1. Gain practical insights from alumni and guests who are experts in investment management and securities advisory. 
  2. A rare chance to listen about different businesses of your peers and get consultation on equity capital.   
  3. For the first time RMIT Vietnam Alumni will team-up with Aus4Skills (Australian Alumni in Vietnam) to co-organize A2A Circle. It brings quality networking with the attendance of 40+ high-profile entrepreneurs, and managerial level talent 

About the panelists  

  • Mr. Chinh Hoang, Managing Partner, Excelsior Capital Asia 

Mr. Chinh Hoang is the Managing Partner of Excelsior Capital Asia, serving as a member of the Investment Committee. Previously, Chinh held various senior management roles at Kusto Investment Management, a global natural resources and agri-business investor, where he ran a number of domestic Vietnamese portfolio companies.  

  • Mr. Nhu Bui – Chairman, VNIR

Mr. Nhu Bui is the Chairman of VNIR and mainly focuses in giving consultation for cooperate financial solution. With over 20 years of experiences, Mr. Nhu has stood behind many successful IPO cases of medium and large enterprises such as Viet Tien Son Dia Oc (Stock symbol: AAV), and Tien Son Thanh Hoa (Stock symbol: AAT)….

  • Mr. Bich Pham, Managing Director, Corporate Finance/Investment Banking, HSC Securities 

Mr. Bich Pham is the Managing Director of Corporate Finance Division of Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC), is responsible for the Investment Banking / Corporate Finance Advisory Division, with over 25 years of experience in international financial markets. Since joining HSC in 2016, the Investment Banking Division multiplied Annual Revenues by 20 times, propelling HSC to a Top Investment Banking firm position in Vietnam.