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TEDx RMIT 2021

Date: 19/09/2021

Time: 15:00 – 16:30

Location: Online

TEDx RMIT 2021 Organizing Committee is pleased to introduce to you our freshly revealed event ‘THE ONE LEGACY – Nothing is too big or too small’

TEDx RMIT 2021

TEDx RMIT 2021 Organizing Committee is pleased to introduce our most recent event ‘THE ONE LEGACY – Nothing is too big or too small’.

TEDx RMIT 2021 revolves around the themes of creating your own journey where you can immerse yourself in creativity, aspire for success, and create a positive impact on your personal and professional life. Well-known speakers will share their authentic stories including personal experiences, success, and challenges in their lives with an aim to help young Vietnamese find their values, cultivate their passions, and create “legacies” in their own ways.

For the first time TEDxRMIT (TEDx RMIT 2021 Facebook Group) will be ONLINE and FREE for the RMIT alumni, students and staff with details below:

Guest speakers:

Dzung Yoko – Visual Artist, Creative Director of ELLE Vietnam

“In the middle of such difficulties and insecurities, for the creative industry, there was a delay in our process. We had to learn how to be creative in a difficult situation, figure out how to work alone, with less connection with the outside world, and apply our own experience in the artworks” – Mr. Dzung said.

Sometimes you may feel lost and imbalanced … but don’t let the motivation of your creativity fade. Every piece of your experience, either positive or negative, has its own vitality and becomes a material for your creative process.

With the talk “Creativity is a journey of experiences”, Dzung Yoko aspires to encourage people to experience their surrounding life to nourish their creative ability by sharing his life-story as well as the ‘how’ of nurturing and lighting up your personality in creativity.

With many years of experience in the creative industry, Dzung Yoko has been known as one of the Vietnamese leading visual creators, an author of the series Dzung Yoko Artbook, and has currently held the position of creative director of ELLE Vietnam fashion magazine.

Nguyễn Hoàng Hải – Co-founder of Canavi, Board Member of Flyer.vn

There is a famous saying that goes “Failure teaches success”; yet, accepting failure has never been easy. However, if we look at it from a different angle, failure is indeed an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai, the Board Member & CFO of Flyer.us, had gone through many ups and downs, successes and failures during his study path. He once gave up, but soon stood up to seek a real dream and connect with what he loves.

“I have a wholehearted passion for helping women and children” – one of three Vietnamese startup CEOs honoured by Forbes magazine in the Top 30 most prominent faces under 30 in Asia said. With talk “Why can your passion create a positive impact?”, Mr. Hai would like to share his journey to get over failures and how he has turned his passion into positive impacts on a better and bigger world.

Hiếu PC – Cyber Security Specialist

Have you ever thought about the life of a prisoner? Have you ever seen yourself as a prisoner in this life? Will there ever be a future, hope, a life beyond or will there be nothing but an end with what’s behind the bars?
For Mr. Hieu, “we are all prisoners of the earth”, as “sometimes people live, but they are not really living”. We are always struggling with different circumstances in our lives.

In the talk “We are all in prison. Never give up!”, Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu, a cybersecurity specialist at National Cyber Security Center, a former ‘black hat’ hacker facing a sentence of up to 40 years’ imprisonment, will share about his incredible journey of awakening and how he found love, hope and faith through the flame of passion with the message that ‘If we can change the way we think, we can see the good in things.’

Hoàng Thị Minh Hồng – Founder & Executive Director of CHANGE

“Have you ever had a wild and beautiful dream, and you got ‘haha’ at; then you decided to go with the crowd, to ‘be on the safe side’?” – Ms. Hong wondered.

Somebody decides to go on familiar roads, since they are “popular to everyone”, safe to minimize risks and rich in opportunities. But aren’t they? With the talk “Taking the less traveled road”, Ms. Hong aspires to encourage the youth to step out of the comfort zone, where but nothing ever grows to try the new paths for their life journey; since “there appears too few of them.”

Hoang Thi Minh Hong with many contributions to the climate change movement in Vietnam, was recognized as a ‘Climate Hero’ by Climateheroes.org. Besides, she is currently the Founder and Executive Director of CHANGE, a Vietnamese environmental NGO and has dedicated her years to environmental protection by addressing the national most critical issues.

Guest speakers:

Emmi Hoàng  – Beauty Blogger, CEO & Founder of Emmié by Happy Skin

“At some point, we have to stop and clear our minds” – Ms. Emmi said. “There is nothing wrong with us to feel tired, or feel lost. This is a normal condition. These moments are the low notes in a life full of ups and downs.”

Those stops are also regarded as a step in a journey of a person creating his or her impact.

Despite being a late-bloomer in the beauty blogger industry, Emmi Hoang, with a rich experience from working in different fields, can specialize herself by applying not only professional knowledge but also creativity into building youtube content and starting a business. After 5 years working as a beauty blogger, Emmi has herself a beauty book and a skincare treatment brand named Emmié by Happy Skin.

At TEDx RMIT 2021, Emmi Hoang will share the ‘how’ of developing and nurturing one’s legacy to motivate young people to be confident and stay positive in the path they are following.

Nguyễn Trần Vân Thủy – Co-Founder & CEO of Bobi Craft

“The kid inside me would never have imagined I’m doing what she hated most – a business woman” – Ms. Thuy said.

Coming to TEDx RMIT 2021, with the talk “Enjoy The Fun Of Failure”, Ms. Van Thuy will share her journey of how she overcame the failure and deeply appreciated her decisions of switching careers, from a 2D animation artist to a business woman, to encourage young people to confidently choose and freely change the pathway they aspire to pursue and leave the legacy on what they are following.

For her, “we are all afraid of uncertainty, but what’s the fun of reading a book that you already know how it ends.”

Nguyen Tran Van Thuy is a special alumna of RMIT University. Left behind her career in England, she came back to Vietnam with the mission of giving a hand in developing the country, especially providing job opportunities for the disability community. Inspired by the hand-crocheted children’s toys, she applied her wide and deep knowledge about business to bring the best quality products of Vietnam to the international market.

Bình Lê – Founder & CEO of ASART Deal Advisory

“Once we know why we are here and why we do what we do, we will be able to make better decisions” – Ms. Binh said, as – “With better decisions, we can live a healthier life, and create much more impact.”

Binh Le is a talented alumna of RMIT University, a veteran in finance and Vietnam market, and currently the CEO and Head of M&A of ASART Deal Advisory. She has studied and worked both in Vietnam and the US. She has assisted and advised many leading Vietnamese companies and multinational corporations with their M&A transactions and strategic projects. Her work demonstrates an optimal combination of a wide range of expertise including strategy, finance, accounting, tax, legal, reporting, problem-solving, executive negotiation, politics, government relations, and advocacy, with a focus on value creation and sustainable growth.

“Life is not a race from 20 to 30, life is really more like a marathon from 0 to 100 or even longer” – Ms. Binh shared in the talk “Why am I here?”. Coming to TEDxRMIT 2021, she will share her experience and perspectives to help us be a better version of ourselves, build a life and career with a clear purpose, and create our own unique legacy that is also helpful and inspiring to others.

Giang Kate – Hypnotherapist & Co-founder of A Pure Day Therapy

In this modern and fast-paced world, it is crucial for people to be both physically and mentally healthy to cope with the constant transformation of life. However, many people tend to underestimate and neglect their mental health which could severely affect the overall well-being of their life.

Giang Kate, the founder of A Pure Day Therapy, is a hypnotherapist who has experienced depression and studied psychotherapy to find her way out of depression and reach inner peace. With the talk “Understand depression to find your inner peace”, she will provide us with an in-depth understanding of psychological concepts and how they are connected to the inner child in ourselves, which could possibly enable us to understand and enhance our mental wellbeing.

“This is one of the ways for you to connect to your “inner child”, and you will always feel that there is a peaceful home in you” – Ms. Giang Kate shared.

Guest speakers:

Camelia Phạm – Digital Artist

“The story can be as old as time but what’s new is in your perception and your way of translating things visually” Ms. Camelia said. “Humans are all storytelling creators. And we’re so successfully interwoven in this world surrounded by stories that we barely recognize it as a superpower.”

As a young talented digital artist, Camelia Pham is one of the 10 artists around the world participating in the ‘100 Women Project’ of Daisie.com in India. She is well-known for often combining human factors with practical elements into her works, thereby conveying the feelings and thoughts of the youth entering adulthood.

“Even when you have an art block and can’t think of a decent idea to work with, use that frustration as the weapon” – Ms. Camelia shares in the talk “The art of storytelling”. To her, gathering ideas and experiences from surroundings, and expressing them through vivid images will make us attracted and fall in love with the stories, rather than producing art works.

Hoàng Anh Đức – CEO of Edlab Asia

“Whenever you face any uncomfortable situations or any terrible experience, please do not shame, do not blame any people or anything. Take some actions!” Mr. Duc said. “Without thinking about the past we cannot truly understand the future and our opportunities.”

Hoang Anh Đuc, CEO of Edlab Asia, was in Vietnam Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list for Education-Science field. Working in Edlab, a sustainable think-tank of young and qualified educational researchers, as well as a research-based educational philanthropy do-tank. His work is to inspire K-12 educators, develop skilled researchers and grow strong educational leaders through action research, academic research, and social campaigns.

In the talk of “How should we sustain education?”, Mr. Duc will share the importance, as well as obstacles in education, and how education is more than just teachers giving out information and homework to students. As an educator, Duc encourages us to recognize the profound impact that education can have on both ourselves and our future.

Bùi Thanh Tâm – Artist

“I could draw anytime, anywhere since it satisfied my aspiration to imagine and be creative” – Mr. Tam said when narrating the story of his journey to achieve the position as a famous artist.

Without a huge passion and enthusiasm, never a painter becomes an artist. In the last 10 years, Bui Thanh Tam has made a stride to bring the image of Asian culture, along with the ideology of “tradition” and local aesthetics to the world. Passion is his life-long goal, which encourages him to keep learning, practising, and achieving new milestones in his journey.

With the talk “Be passionate as when you love and are loved”, he will share the story of his passion along with the life journey and aim to encourage the audience to let passion be the guide to find the right direction for their success by the message: passion is not ambiguous but a practical part of each individual. Understanding the right meaning of passion and preparing enough knowledge for the journey will make people achieve different stages of their career path.

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