Seek for talents

I. Full-time & part-time recruitment

Save yourself a lot of time, effort and expense on talent recruitment by accessing RMIT’s diverse range of work-ready students and graduates. We provide comprehensive support to help you find the ideal candidate:

  • Recruit students and graduates
  • Attend careers events

If you wish to seek for talents (all experience levels) or access full career services, please visit RMIT CareerHub.

II. RMIT Flagship Internship Program

1. What is Flagship Internship program?

RMIT’s Flagship Internship program responds to the demand for critical skills, practical knowledge and hands-on experience for students in their desired fields to best prepare them for work and life. This program involves the completion of interdisciplinary workshops for students, including learning outcomes, guidance, and assessment structures.

2. Why join our program?

By hosting an internship for RMIT students, you will have early access to potential talents in the industry and can help develop the future workforce. Your companies are guaranteed to benefit from talented, dynamic, cost-effective and flexible staffing options. You can also create positive employer branding using testimonials from RMIT students as former interns.

Furthermore, as RMIT alumni, through becoming our host employer, you can pay tribute to RMIT’s past efforts in having successfully prepared you for work and life while strengthening the RMIT bond with future professionals.

3. Flagship Internship program information:

Timeline: Students are available to start their internships 3 times per year (mid Feb/ mid June/ mid Oct). Please contact us 2 months in advance if you wish to join our program as host employers.

Duration: It depends on the major, but the typically student interns can work 40-48 hours/ week in 12 weeks. However, internship duration can be negotiated and extended during the interview/discussion between the employer and the student.

Please find below our bachelor programs that have compulsory internship courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Design (Digital Media & Design Studies)
  • Professional Communication
  • Languages (Translating & Interpreting minor and Japanese minor)
  • Fashion Enterprise
  • IT & Software Engineering
  • Electronics & Robotics Engineering

Visit the following link to learn more about requirements for each program:

4. Company Requirements

  • Ensure adequate working conditions and follow Health and Safety standards.
  • Assign a direct work supervisor, who can guide and give feedback on work performance, for each intern position.
  • Allow the intern’s RMIT Internship Lecturer to visit him/her at the workplace at least once during his/her internship.
  • Provide reflective feedback via an online Employer Feedback Questionnaire for future improvement of the program.
  • Submit internship agreement (original copies) with signature & stamp of the hiring company to RMIT before the start day.

5. What’s next? 

Contact points:

SGS Internship mailbox:

Hanoi Internship mailbox: