An alumna who designed her own dream
07 Jun 2021

Let’s meet Ms. Dieu Tran, a Prof Comm alumna (Class of 2012) and founder of Ddreamer Silver Jewelry. After graduating, Dieu worked for two years for . . .

RMIT’s alumnus & his journey to reach international awards
31 May 2021

Andy Ho is a RMIT’s alumnus, he was MBA’s scholarship holder in 2017 and graduated in 2019 with Master’s degree. One month after his first course at . . .

RMIT alumnus finds inspiration and success through self-discovery
19 May 2021

“How will you know what you are meant to do in life?” For RMIT alumnus Nguyen Huyen Chau, the attempt to answer that question has taken her through an . . .

RMIT alumnus designs meaningful Vietnamese brands
18 May 2021

  Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems) alumnus and co-founder of M — N Associates Nguyen Bao Anh Duy (Duy — N) said he first fell in love with . . .

Passion for social impact paves the path for RMIT top graduate
06 May 2021

A President’s Scholarship recipient who graduated top of his class with a perfect GPA of 4.0, Vu Hoang Trung believes that creating a positive impact . . .

An icon of sustainability fashion movement
23 Apr 2021

Vu Anh Thu, a graduate of Bachelor of Fashion in 2019, won the Discipline of Fashion awards for her achievements at the university and in the fashion . . .

RMIT class of 2021 graduates with pride at its Saigon South campus
30 Mar 2021

More than 940 fresh graduates at RMIT Vietnam’s Saigon South campus celebrated their newly-acquired academic degrees in three ceremonies this . . .

RMIT alumnus gives back through mentoring
24 Mar 2021

RMIT alumnus Nguyen Chi Duc has prepared future leaders for years by devoting his time and effort to mentor generations of RMIT students. Graduated . . .

Returning home to RMIT
05 Mar 2021

Having first-hand experience of the work-related approach to learning and of the philosophy that RMIT upholds leads many alumni choose to return to . . .

RMIT alumnus champions sustainable and inclusive growth
04 Mar 2021

A strong belief in empowering vulnerable communities has fuelled Pham Nhat Nga’s successful career in communications over the past 14 . . .

RMIT graduate says you only live through your 20s once, so don’t be afraid of failure
25 Nov 2020

One of Vietnam’s first ‘social entrepreneurs’, RMIT Commerce graduate Ho Thai Binh, says he credits his success with a motto he learned while . . .

An alumna shares her advice for young professionals to succeed in life
16 Nov 2020

Nguyen Phuong Dung, a graduate who won 2 scholarships at RMIT for Bachelor of Commerce (2011), and Master of International Business (2017) suggests . . .

Alumna gives advice on how to advance careers while building home
10 Oct 2020

Alumna Van To, a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce (2011) has shared her inspiring story of becoming a mother and getting a promotion at work at the . . .

An alumna helped pioneer media research in Vietnam
26 Aug 2020

As part of the first generation of marketers in Vietnam, RMIT’s Master of Business Administration alumnus Tran Thi Thanh Mai needed to help lay a . . .

RMIT Vietnam announces first PhD graduate
22 Jul 2020

RMIT Vietnam’s PhD program has produced its first graduate, Dr Heather Swenddal. The achievement is doubly noteworthy as it falls within the . . .

An alumna helps younger generations figure out their values and follow their dream life
02 Jul 2020

Over the last 10 years working in corporate and global agencies like L’oreal, TBWA and Publicis, she currently serves as Content Producer and . . .

An alumnus sheds light on a fuzzy Marketing topic: Insight
06 Jun 2020

Tran Thanh Lam, a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce in 2014, has published his book “What the heck is INSIGHT & How to find it?” for the beginners . . .

Turn passion into career
02 Jun 2020

Since completing his engineering bachelor’s degree, Do Phu Sy has been gaining practical experience while applying new technologies every day at an . . .

No pain, no gain. Go beyond the limits.
29 May 2020

Taking a ‘no limits’ approach to life has inspired Le Anh Hung through his postgraduate studies at RMIT in Melbourne and lifted him to a high-level . . .

An alumna pioneers remarkable forest protection campaign
21 May 2020

A Vietnamese woman was honored as one of 200 outstanding young leaders in the Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific Program for her efforts to . . .

An alumnus steps into family business after years of working in corporate world
13 Apr 2020

Stepping into his family’s agriculture business after a number of years in the corporate world was a bit of a ‘shock’ at first for Nguyen Ngoc . . .

A chance to develop a new network of working professionals during MBA
09 Mar 2020

For Tommy Nguyen, getting the chance to develop a new network of working professionals during his MBA has proven valuable in his own career in the . . .

Alumnus enjoys to learn how things work
28 Feb 2020

As someone who always enjoyed working with his hands and learning how things work, studying an engineering program at RMIT in Vietnam was a perfect . . .

An RMIT alumna represents Vietnam at global forum for young leaders
20 Feb 2020

Do Thu Trang, a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce in 2011, had the pleasure to represent Vietnam by being a flagbearer at the Opening Ceremony of One . . .