Alumna Anh Nguyen and the start up business

As the only woman on the episode of Shark Tank Vietnam which aired on July 11, RMIT alumna Nguyen Ngoc Lan Anh left a profound impression. She convinced two ‘sharks,’ Thai Van Linh and Pham Thanh Hung, to invest VND3 billion in her business, EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development.

Besides demonstrating her imposing negotiation and persuasion skills, as well as an assertive attitude while confronting the ’sharks’ as a potential business partner, Lan Anh showed self-confidence as an entrepreneur who strongly believes in her business’s mission. When talking with RMIT Vietnam about her recent Shark Tank success, she expressed happiness and satisfaction over the effort she had put into the show. Since the episode aired, EIY, a startup that aims to help people build their public speaking confidence, has signed contracts with five companies to train their in-house staff, showing great development potential.

“Our debut on Shark Tank marked a significant moment for EIY, promoting our business model to a mass audience, whereas the two shark offers have helped EIY turn a new page in terms of future development plans, and I also benefited from it,” Lan Anh shared.

Anh Nguyen on Shark Tank Vietnam 

Not only did she represent EIY’s voice, she also successfully branded herself both as an awe-inspiring public speaker and a professional communication mentor. As a TEDx speaker herself, Lan Anh recalled her journey of overcoming her fears and uncertainty while honing her skills to become who she is today, as well as her aspirations to help Vietnamese in organisations, companies and schools achieve the highest fluency in English communication.

Lan Anh has strong faith that with her team’s vision and strategy, EIY will thrive in the coming years, becoming a trustworthy development and training provider for Vietnamese who aim to perfect their English speaking abilities. She hinted at potential next steps for EIY, including adapting cutting-edge VR technology into teaching public speaking, publishing books, and also intensively collaborating with international schools to design extracurricular courses in verbal communication for students.

When asked about the key moments that helped shape her current success, Lan Anh talked about her time studying the Graduation Certificate in Startup at RMIT University with her favorite lecturer, Mr. Douglas Abrams. He was a part-time guest lecturer for the program and a full-time venture capitalist in Singapore with many years of experience. Studying with him challenged Lan Anh and her fellow classmates immensely to level-up their skills in presentation, pitching and business introductions, in turn equipping them with a tactical mindset and confident attitude when facing game-changing business opportunities.

“Mr. Douglas and the program at RMIT have given me such a fun experience, as well as valuable lifelong connections. I am still keeping in touch with him for consultation before every important twist and turn in my startup life”, Lan Anh proudly shared of one of the most important people in her story.

In terms of advice for fellow young entrepreneurs who happened to see her on Shark Tank, Lan Anh reminds them to do what they really love and are confident about in order to achieve business success. Taught knowledge and learned skills can be applied to make things easier, but only with strong willpower and faith in your mission will you be able to “earn it yourself,” a motto which Lan Anh lives for and even put in her startup name: EIY.



16 Jul 2021

Author: RMIT Vietnam Postgraduate Programs