Returning home to RMIT

Having first-hand experience of the work-related approach to learning and of the philosophy that RMIT upholds leads many alumni choose to return to their alma mater to pursue a master’s degree.
In the case of Phan Quoc Thinh, a self-described ‘life-long learner’, it has inspired him to come back for a third time!
With the help of a scholarship, Thinh is adding to his bachelor’s degree and Master of International Business by enrolling in the MBA for the first semester.
“They say ‘third time’s a charm’, and this March will mark the third time that I’ve become a student at RMIT,” he says.
“I keep coming back to RMIT for two reasons. One is that the university’s postgraduate programs offer flexible study modes that are really accommodating to busy working professionals like me. Another is the practicality of the course content.
“So far I’ve been with RMIT Vietnam for almost five years in total. I consider myself a life-long learner.”
As someone who works in administration in the education sector, Thinh expects that the experience in the MBA will help him to strengthen his expertise and skills sets to position himself well for future leadership roles.
“I believe the MBA not only equips students to become better managers or entrepreneurs but also imparts soft skills, including leadership qualities, the spirit to take risks, experiment and adapt to new cultures, places or situations,” he says.
“In addition, the MBA will provide a chance to network with like-minded classmates who will, undoubtedly, help improve my experience and prospects.”


05 Mar 2021

Author: RMIT Vietnam Postgraduate Programs