RMIT’s alumnus & his journey to reach international awards

Andy Ho is a RMIT’s alumnus, he was MBA’s scholarship holder in 2017 and graduated in 2019 with Master’s degree. One month after his first course at RMIT, he founded Bracom Agency and drove it to many successful milestones until today.

Bracom is a branding & communication design agency, a young and creative team based in Sai Gon, Viet Nam. After nearly 4 years of establishment, from a freelance team with only 2 designers, Bracom now becomes a full-service branding and packaging agency with many international awards, features, and publications.

Inspired by the moonlight reflected on the water, Bracom created a mid-autumn packaging design with the image of the moon changing color according to the angle of light, creating a fanciful and poetic scene. “Mooncake Magic Gift Box” has made Bracom famous around the world and received many prestigious awards.


The surface of the gift box took the idea from the image of the moonlight reflecting on the water. This scene is peaceful and beautiful, as a hint to remind us to temporarily got away from our busy lives to enjoy the beauty of nature on the box. The highlight of the gift box is the moon when the material used for processing is color change hot stamp foil printing.

The mooncake set by Bracom, featuring the enchanting image of the moon, is highly believed to be a valuable present to show our appreciation toward friends and clients for their productive cooperation. The visualization of the autumn moon rising over a tranquil lake reminds us of putting aside the hectic life to enjoy the allure of nature for the present.

Our featured projects always aim to the culture in Vietnam, we try to make an amazing & creative idea but keep the Vietnamese culture’s value. Almost all our retailer partners love the concept that combining Vietnam culture with modern life trends.


31 May 2021

Author: RMIT Alumni Relations