An alumna shares her advice for young professionals to succeed in life

Nguyen Phuong Dung, a graduate who won 2 scholarships at RMIT for Bachelor of Commerce (2011), and Master of International Business (2017) suggests that young professionals need to remember three key things to succeed in professional life.

She explains why it’s crucial for young professionals to have confidence in themselves and their talent, to be open and humble, and to stay focused. Dung is speaking from a wealth of experience! She is now a Marketing Manager at Pepsico Vietnam, and an owner of Puluong Glamping. Beforehand. She has worked in managerial roles at companies including Unilever in Vietnam and Singapore, Unicharm and TPBank.

“The advice I have for the young talents would be always:
First, be confident in yourselves and your talents because only when you believe in yourselves, share that aspirations and motivation to other team members, you can work as a team and achieve success together.

Second, being open and humble at the same time. That sounds contradictory with the previous advice but it’s all about appreciate the diversity of the team, appreciate on the fact that there are lots of thing that we don’t know and we need to work through ambiguity. It requires the strong team spirit and great teamwork that make success together as a leader.

Third, be focused! You need to define your key priority, define what matters to your career path and focus your energy, your strength on that scope of work. This helps you to have more efficiency, effort and motivation to make that happen.”


16 Nov 2020

Author: RMIT Vietnam Postgraduate Programs