Alumna gives advice on how to advance careers while building home

Alumna Van To, a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce (2011) has shared her inspiring story of becoming a mother and getting a promotion at work at the same time.

To start her career as recruiting support in 2011, Van has made an amazing journey from Vietnam, through Malaysia, to the USA. After 10 years of non-stop learning and striving, she is now holding the position of HR Senior Program Manager at Amazon in Seattle, America.

Not only being successful in careers, but Van is also proud of her happy marriage with a two-year-old daughter. It wasn’t an easy start for her. “I was scared that I wasn’t ready to be a mom. I was scared that I may not know how to take care of a baby if I haven’t read X number of books” said Van.

But she soon found a way to overcome difficulties. “What I have learnt is that we can learn on the go. While you are pregnant, put your job on “maintenance mode” and spend the extra time reading about one baby-related topic a day. 30 min-1hour per day for 9 months will get you mentally ready for being a mom.”

Credit: RMIT Vietnam Alumni


10 Oct 2020

Author: RMIT Vietnam Alumni