An alumna who designed her own dream

Let’s meet Ms. Dieu Tran, a Prof Comm alumna (Class of 2012) and founder of Ddreamer Silver Jewelry. After graduating, Dieu worked for two years for an international advertising agency and then for the biggest local restaurant chain before deciding it was time for a change. She began by running an online jewelry business which she named D.dreamer.
“I had the need of having my dream modern silver jewelry designs come true,” Dieu said, “and to bring silver jewelry closer to the young Vietnamese with more affordable prices. I believe that every woman deserves to own at least a piece of jewelry which compliments her and makes her feel confident by being herself.”
Dieu admitted it took a while to get her business running as she had limited business experience in the beginning. “But I had determination, patience and I was eager to learn and correct as there were failures along the way. Nowadays, I can proudly say that the jewelry brand of Ddreamer is one of the most well-known local brands in Vietnam.”
In 2019, Dieu opened a Ddreamer Jewelry Making Studio workshop to the public and now provides jewelry-design workshops. “One of my dreams is to give more chances to people to try to implement their creativity through jewelry design. From there, my vision expands into the further potential and to bring new career opportunities to young Vietnamese people, especially those who are learning in the design profession.”
“After seven years of running my own business, and although all the challenges are still happening every day, I find it as an interesting growing journey. My advice for all my younger Vietnamese peers is experience has taught me that you should step out of your comfort zone. Passion is not enough to follow your dreams. It’s mostly hard work. Keep learning every day from everything life throws at you to really understand what you can do and what you should improve while chasing your dreams.”


07 Jun 2021

Author: School of Communication & Design – RMIT Vietnam