RMIT alumnus reflects on his tech startup journey

RMIT University Bachelor of Information Technology alumnus Nguyen Nam Khang has the perseverance to follow his passion in technology in the face of adversity during his startup journey.

Khang is currently Chief Technology Officer of Parcel Perform – a Singaporean startup offering optimisation services for logistics activities related to e-commerce.

“Our company’s products connect with more than 600 carriers in the world and provided a complete picture of the supply chain, automation, and artificial intelligence tools to optimise this innovative process,” Khang said.


With the passion for writing software from his childhood and loving challenges, Khang chose to start his entrepreneurial ventures in information technology early after his graduation.

A year later, Khang decided to leave the first startup he was building together with his classmates and learned important lessons from the major incident.

“I had lost more than a half of my friends by my impulsive and arrogant behaviours by the time I decided to leave the company that we were building together,” Khang realised.

“I went into depression for many years and spent almost a year to regain my confidence to go through this rough path and build new projects.”

The next journey was also not smiling at Khang when he moved to Singapore to build a smartphone prototype for a startup but failed to manage it.

“I used to think that my career has never been rosy and there were times when I doubted myself, as well as wanted to quit this industry to start something else,” Khang said.

“But, when I look back on my school days, those glimmers of hope and the excitement of building a project from scratch, spurred me back to the job.”

RMIT University Bachelor of Information Technology alumnus Nguyen Nam Khang was proud of having been with his team through three rounds of funding and successfully raised 1.5 million USD in 2019.

Khang recalled the school time that helped him build strengths and knowledge to run the next projects.

“It could be said that my journey began when I found RMIT’s Information Technology Club,” he affirmed.

“Running a club was not very different from running a company, as you are also responsible for recruiting, planning projects, coordinating and reporting,” Khang said.

“The experience was challenging, but also rewarding, as it helped me develop my strengths in running the businesses in the future.”

Khang said building software has become an integral part of his life and he feels happy to have his co-workers together overcome difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The current pandemic has affected many areas of the world, and my company could not avoid it either,” Khang said.

“The thing that I feel most proud of is that I have been with the company through three rounds of funding and successfully raised 1.5 million USD in 2019. This makes me believe the company will rise stronger than ever as we are trying to overcome the challenges ahead,” Khang believes.

Looking to give back to the community, Khang said that he often returns to RMIT to share his knowledge and experiences with students as he himself was provided knowledge and given the opportunity to develop by the University.

“I often return to the University to share what I have gained from nearly ten years of working in Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan,” Khang said.

“I also employ many interns from RMIT and am willing to impart what I know to help passionate young people have an environment to exchange knowledge, try out new ideas, and approach businesses.

Khang has been the lead organiser of Barcamp Saigon – the largest open forum in technology, design and finance since 2012.

He also received a full scholarship to study information technology at RMIT University, an environment that he believes “promotes students’ freedom and decision-making” and “makes the learning attractive and interesting”.

Learn more about Khang’s journey in a new video by RMIT University to mark its 20th anniversary in Vietnam.


30 Jun 2021

Author: Thuy Le