Alumna leading the way in technology and entrepreneurship

Meet Nguyen Thanh Thuy (Bachelor of Professional Communication graduate of 2011), a seasoned business leader who passionately builds digital products and leads multidisciplinary teams towards Digital Transformation & Innovation. 

Living with a motto of ‘Do something that matters’, Thuy is strongly motivated to practice leadership with heart, keep learning, and create positive impacts in the workplace and community. Previously before becoming a start-up founder, Thuy had 14 years of experience working for big corporations in Saigon and San Francisco as a consultant in digital transformation, data management, and growth strategy for founders and leaders.

After working with both startups and big corporations such as Abbott, PNJ, TTC and DHG, Thuy came to realize that most companies (especially the SMEs) can’t afford to manage a high-performing data team in-house for the long term. Therefore, she invested in Datawok – an agency that provides data experts and corporate training for the decision makers of the organizations to utilize data effectively towards different business models and goals. Upon creating dedicated data teams for businesses regardless of the size, scale, and budget, each DataWok customized team will then design a ‘’data-supermarket’ where any staff within the organization can ‘’shop’’ for real-time decisions & metrics.

Make decisions faster, optimize any process, and make performance transparent – DataWok is transforming the businesses daily with its world-class data masterclass to managers.

Credits: RMIT Alumni Relations


08 Jul 2021

Author: Buu Gia Lam