Alumus designs virtual game during Covid-19

Let’s meet Mr. Le Duc Vu, a Design (Multimedia Systems) alumnus (Class of 2014) and founder of Vie VR, a 3D Visualization Studio and artist at Together Games Studio.
“Developing video games has been my passion since younger age. I had several attempts to make my own games but they all failed due to the lack of experience. Therefore, I decided to start my own visualization studio in 2018 called Vie VR, mostly working with Architecture clients.”
It was not until the COVID-19 affected his business in early 2020 that he realised that it was time to give himself another chance to follow my passion. “It took me 6 years to get back to game development. Luckily, I found someone who was looking for a partner to make a video game at that time. We then together decided to make a game about fighting viruses due to the serious situation of the pandemic.”
“After 1 year of production, we have successfully published the early access version on Steam – the biggest online game platform. We are so glad that the game is rated 9/10 with very positive feedback from players all around the world. My team wants to spread positivity and courage to everybody to stay positive and active during the pandemic”.
Vu advises students, especially ones who are into game development, to be patient and keep following their dreams, their passion. “I have been working for different companies or personal projects and all of them have been somehow relating to game development. Try to learn as much as you can, whether you are working at animation studios, game studios or even as freelancers. Experience first then you will be ready.”
Credits: School of Communication & Design


25 Jun 2021

Author: School of Communication & Design