The dedication for Vietnamese health

Nguyen Chi Thang graduated from RMIT in 2010 with a master’s degree in Business Administration. With over 18 years of experience, Thang had worked under various corporations in the food production, packaging and consumer goods industries.

As for the moment, despite living in Sweden, Thang still actively uses his rich knowledge on the consumer goods field to leverage the nutritional product quality for Vietnamese. Being the managing director for Nutifood Sweden, Thang has the chance to use the innovative technologies in healthcare from Sweden with his deep understanding of Vietnamese physiques and needs to bring about the best custom formulas for the nation.

Thang is doing his best to utilize Sweden's technology for Vietnamese health

Thang is doing his best to utilize Sweden’s technology for Vietnamese health

Thang aspires to become the bridge between two nations and commits to create more advanced products for Vietnamese health. This year, his team is working on new nutritional solutions targeting various age groups and demands, from babies to teenagers, elders and even sportsmen.

Credits: RMIT Alumni Relations


15 Jul 2021

Author: Buu Lam