Bamboo Airways

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Industry sector: Transport, Postal and Warehousing

Established in 2017, Bamboo Airways is the first private airline in Vietnam aiming to provide international-oriented services. Bamboo Airways started its journey with a core strategy of connecting potential lands, thereby promoting the good values of Vietnamese people and culture to the world. We have developed an extensive domestic network connecting 21/22 airports in Vietnam, while spreading our wings further to crucial hubs in Asia-Pacific, Europe, etc., contributing to making Vietnam an aviation gateway to Southeast Asia and Asia in general. Bamboo Airways has focused on pursuing the quality-driven full-service model. As of now, the airline has affirmed its status as one of three leading carriers in Vietnam, with three crucial pillars: The sense of quality and hospitality, the growing inter-regional and intercontinental network, and the leading on-time performance in Vietnam.

Contact info
Nguyen Dang Khoa

Recruitment Lead

Bachelor of Commerce - 2013