Thoi Thi Chau Nhi

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Nhi is a tiny young lady with a short hairstyle and a smiling face. She holds a bachelor's degree in communication from RMIT University Vietnam. She has worked with CHANGE - an incredibly active environmental NGO based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for more than eight years and is currently the Managing Director of this organization. Nhi has extensive public communications, program management, community organizing, government relation, and strategy development skills. Nhi is a passionate and devoted environmental activist. She is much concerned about human impacts on nature and climate and leads her team to raise public awareness and bring up sustainable solutions to vulnerable communities. Nhi is easily inspired and able to inspire her team members and people within and beyond her network with stories and environmental protection experiences. Nhi is goal and action-oriented. She possesses a clear vision for the organization's environmental projects. She is persistent in getting things done, the team efforts paid off, and a better future for her people regardless of defeat, humiliation, and impossible odds. Besides the experiences gaining from work, Nhi always endeavors to upgrade her expertise by being an active representative of Vietnam in numerous international fellowship programs: the Policy Dialogue Fellowship with the government of Denmark (2019), Campaign Strategy Fellowship with the European Climate Fund (2018), the YSEALI Professional Fellowship with the US Department of State (2017), the Global Power Shift with (2013), and many other regional exchange programs. Apart from her job, Nhi is the eldest daughter of a five-member family, of which she always tries to be a good role model. In her free time, Nhi enjoys painting, planting, traveling, cleaning up the house, and cooking for her beloved family.

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