Le Daniel

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Graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing. Senior Business Development & Marketing specialist with 6 years experience in F&B & Hospitality projects in Vietnam. Experienced in developing projects from empty concrete walls and initial investment pitch. Advising on how your organization should look, smell, taste, talk and sound, to attract more business and stay trendy. If you have great team you will have a successful project. Therefore, I enjoy to participate in recruiting and coaching talents and structuring Marketing Department for each project with effective communication and digital management tools to follow up on progress any minute. Creating demand and seeking for different opportunities for clients and employers, though creative concepts of venues and innovative business ideas for their organizations. Working with interior designers and sound engineers to get positive impressions. Helping to oversee construction and fit-out for defects and quality control. Advising on operational layout zoning, improving customer journey. Collaborating with Chefs and mixologists to develop menu with signatures items. Working closely with GR and operation team to improve guest experience and retain existing guests loyalty. Support sales department with sales kit, potential leads and realistic financial projections. Link HOD with each other to improve communication and operations as a whole. Developing marketing plans, brand books and in some cases propose to execute necessary re-branding. Planing & deploying marketing strategies, events and TTL campaigns focusing on little details that matter. Preparation of all marketing documentation and production of required POSM material. Collaborating with Media and seeking for opportunities with sponsors. Reporting and calculating expected ROI for each dollar spend. Overall control of visual identity, SMM and content production (campaigns / photo / video).

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