Le Thanh Hao

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The majority of my work and project experience is of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which industry that I want to work in the next 20 years. I have moderate experience in warehouse and working with systems. I have been through 2 projects of 2 different industry, one is e-commerce, and the other is export products. I have acknowledge in using company-built systems after those projects and the most important feature is I have the change to deal with unexpected issues caused by changing from using the old system into the new one. Thanks to my colleagues, I have learned a lot from their experience and sharing. I appreciate everything they teach me. Without them, I could never have such a priceless lessons that the university can teach me. I love working with people with creative ideas of development and improvement. I love inspiring and motivating people in their career path. Hence, I love to be in a team with people from one or different industries. Rather than the technical knowledge, what we got through the team working is the experience that might last up to the last day of our life. Fortunately, I have found out my 4Rs in having a team of my life: meet Right teammates, in the Right moment, at the Right place, and in the Right project. From now on, I am still looking for my other teams of pride.

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