Are Numbers The Only Matter That Financiers Should Focus On?

One piece of advice that Anh Tuan always gives to financiers is “We are not a mobile computer.”

‘’Making decisions based on numbers’ has always been the leading motto of people working in the investment field. Besides the uniqueness of a brand, the rate of return on investment is a prerequisite for the success or failure of an investment made by large enterprises.

But as a CFO, who is in charge of making the final decision to spend money to invest, will investment decisions be as ‘soulless’ as the numbers?

“Successful CEOs at P&G also have financial backgrounds”

In addition to planning a personal route, Anh Tuan has also observed the advancement path of his seniors. At P&G, he met many seniors who worked as finance managers when they were young. Since then, he has become more confident and motivated to strive hard to follow his own plan.

It can be seen that the ability to analyze data and to judge the actual situation of the market is a stepping stone, a solid foundation for financial people to rise to higher positions.

One piece of advice that Anh Tuan always gives to financiers is “We are not a mobile computer”. A finance person must consider two more factors before making investment decisions: development orientation, and policies. | Source: Luu Anh Tuan

When asked about the process of improving management ability, Anh Tuan shared the knowledge and skills he acquired after completing the MBA program at RMIT. Since joining P&G, he has also openly shared with his manager about his aspirations for personal development, including his decision to study for an MBA, and the company fully supported his goal. P&G’s policy of supporting employees’ flexible working has helped him learn and work in the most effective way, even creating an opportunity for him to have more learning experiences in the international market.

The MBA program at RMIT University helped him hone two more skills to prepare for the position of CFO.

The first one is leadership. It is not possible to lead the team only based on data, but the leader must also have soft skills in communication and human resource management. The human factor plays an important role in deciding whether a leader is good or not.

The second factor is networking skills, helping leaders learn from external environments, from the forerunners, and from different industries.

Grasping that need of students, the MBA program at RMIT has created various sessions for exchanging experiences, networking, mentoring, introducing job opportunities, and future advancement.


Business Consulting – The “academia goes hand in hand with practice” model in the digital age

When asked about the subject that excited him the most, Anh Tuan shared about Business Consulting. In this course, students were allowed to operate an online company by themselves: from business planning, pricing, marketing, and management. The online system might give out many different business risk cases for students to handle.

As a result, students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge acquired in class to test their own solutions against simulated risks.

Exchange of experiences session of Anh Tuan and RMIT students. | Source: Luu Anh Tuan

In addition, students even had to propose and implement group projects to provide models, solutions, and capital needed in the modern working environment.

When the pandemic occurred, companies must quickly switch to online working. This created some difficulties in the process of exchanging and supporting between employees in the company, which was also an obstacle in work progress. Teamwork skills, therefore, were necessary to maintain a solid mentality and spirit at work.

During this time when it is economically uncertain, communicating with employees and managing risk from policy and revenue fluctuations are two important tasks that a manager needs to focus on.

The MBA program at RMIT has helped Anh Tuan hone his leadership skills, build inter-departmental communication relationships, and manage risks, to excel in his job as CFO at P&G.

These also are the skills a financial person should focus on, besides analyzing numbers and data.

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07 Aug 2021

Author: Yui