Frisbee Friendly Match for a good cause

Almost 90 alumni and students gathered to join a frisbee friendly match at SGS campus last Sunday. The tension was palpable among 8 teams to get to the finale. The games lasted for 6 hours despite the heavy rain during the day.

The sports event was followed by a charity trip to the Chuc Tu orphanage, where 45 kids under 5 years old and single moms are currently living. In the spirit of International Children’s Day, our alumni and staff donated money, clothes, toys, and milk to the House. Our big thanks to tiNiworld for sending gift packages to all the orphans.

The event was a collaborative project between the RMIT Alumni team and Frisbee club with the support from REC.

For more pictures, visit HERE.


01 Jun 2022

Author: Yen Nguyen